13th Congress of Women’s Federation of Greece-OGE


On October 22-24 took place the national Congress of the Women’s Federation of Greece with the participation of 700 delegates from 145 women’s associations all over Greece.

In the opening of the Congress PAME greeted the militant movement of women highlighting

“In the face of the battle we have to wage to block the Hatzidakis-law, like other antiworkers’ laws in the past that wished to abolish class struggle, the organization of more and more working-class women in the unions is a bet we must win as class movement!”

The Congress called for the participation of women in the rally of dozens of trade unions on November 4 in Athens and similar initiatives in other cities, as well as a resolution in support of the nationwide mobilization organized on November 6 in Athens by associations, organizations, Struggle Committees of those who have been affected by fires, floods and earthquakes.

The discussion of the Congress focused on the conclusions from the report of action and initiatives of the Associations, the steps taken in the participation of women in the collective struggle for their modern needs, for the claim of equal rights in all aspects of life, against social and political forces responsible for women’s inequality, governments and imperialist organizations such as the EU and NATO.

The main goal set by the Congress is the increase of the participation of women in the militant women’s movement, in the trade unions, in the Unions of the self-employed, the Agricultural Associations, the Student Associations. On the agenda was the need to take a decisive step towards the organization of women in the movement, the participation of mothers in social action.

In this direction, the Women’s Associations raise the bar of demands from their operation and action, in order to be the living cell of women’s organization and action, but also to raise awareness around the struggle for equality and the issues of women.

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