Workers and Students of Athens block Visit of US Ambassador-Solidarity with Palestine

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

The presence of the American ambassador at an event at the Agricultural University was blocked yesterday by the Unions and the Students’ Association of the Institution. Under their decisive intervention, the ambassador did not appear at the University.

In secret, the University authorities tried to move the venue of the event to the centre of Athens, with a strong presence of Police forces, at the Cultural Centre of the University of Athens. But the students and the workers’ unions also went there and blocked the presence of the American ambassador. They also highlighted the hypocrisy of the Greek government and the US, which is preparing to launch a scientific program at the Agricultural University on “the impact that a rapid energy crisis will have on the environment and vulnerable communities”!

In a statement the Student Association said, a “The embassy of the country that commits the greatest crimes and has been sowing war and death around the world in recent years has no business in our University. Students have made it clear that we will always be on the right side of history, on the side of all peoples who are experiencing the consequences of the wars and genocides committed by the imperialists. We always stand against NATO, the USA, the EU and every imperialist mechanism, against the murderers of the peoples! Solidarity with Palestine”



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