Union of Tourism, Catering, Hotel Workers of Attica: Solidarity with the strike of WOLT food delivery workers in Cyprus

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

Our Trade Union expresses our solidarity and support to the WOLT food delivery workers  in Cyprus , who are on strike these days demanding better pay and working conditions from the company that manages the online platform.

                Our experience from the huge antagonism between the companies that manage the online platforms combined with the legalization of the freelancer model by the governments with the EU directives, i.e. dependent work without labor and social security rights, confirms that the profits of these companies are built on the abolition of workers’ rights, on the reduction of wages. The blood of food delivery workers is spilled by dozens of employer crimes, fatal labor accidents for the profits and competition.  

Our trade union is in contact and communication with our colleagues in Cyprus and will support their struggle in every way and through every means.





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