TUI in Agricutlure, Food, Commerce and Allied Industr.: The Danone Group, the first french agri-food company, has just announced a new global redundancy plan.

Dear Comrades,

The Danone Group, the first french agri-food company, has just announced a new global redundancy plan. To further increase its already high rate of profitability, thelenleaders of this capitalist behemoth wantto lay off more than 2,000 workers worldwide, including 500 in France. Behind these figures are entire families pushed into poverty, rising unemployment, the scourge of hunger that continues. Danone’s executives and shareholders bear a heavy responsibility in terms of jobs as well as industrial and agricultural potential.

Already many workers, along with their unions, are fighting Danone’s scrappage plan to defend their jobs, factories and production. The management ofcsi and Uita, fully integrated with the strategies of transnationals and especially Danone, are ready to endorse this heist. The co-optation of Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the Csi,to Danone’s Global Supervisory Board, is glaring evidence of the collusion that the group’s workers have nothing to expect.

Our International Union rejects these liberal policies and continues to demand, like many trade union, peasant, indigenous and rural organizations around the world, that food and agriculture be extracted from capitalist logics.

Our International Union calls on all affiliated and friendly organisations to resist Danone, to multiply the trade union struggles in every factory, in each country where this transnational is present, based on the demands specific to each of the realities.

The private interest must no longer impose its law in the face of the public interest. Let’s defend our jobs, our industries, our agriculture.



Cher(es)s Camarades,

Le groupe Danone, premiere transnationale de l’agroalimentaire fran9aise, vient d’annoncer un nouveau plan de licenciement mondial. Pour augmenter encore son taux de rentabilite deja eleve, les dirigeants de ce mastodonte capitaliste veulent licencier plus de 2 000 travailleurs a travers le monde, dont 500 en France. Derriere ces chiffres, ce sont des families entieres poussees dans la misere, le chomage qui s’etend, le fieau de la faim qui se perpetue. Les dirigeants et actionnaires de Danone portent une lourde responsabilite tant en termes d’emplois que de potentiels industriels et agricoles.

Deja de nombreux travailleurs, avec leurs syndicats, s’engagent contre le plan de casse de Danone pour defendre leurs emplois, leurs usines et leurs productions. Les directions de la Csi et de l’Uita, completement integrees aux strategies des transnationales et plus particulierement de Danone, sont pretes a avaliser cette casse. La cooptation de Sharan Burrow, Secretaire generale de la Csi, au Conseil de surveillance mondiale de Danone, est une preuve flagrante de la collusion dont les travailleurs du groupe n’ont rien a attendre.

Notre Union Internationale rejette ces politiques liberates et continue d’exiger, comme de tres nombreuses organisations syndicales, paysannes, indigenes et rurales dans le monde entier, que Palimentation et l’agriculture soient extraites des logiques capitalistes.

Notre Union Internationale appelle l’ensemble des organisations affiliees et amies a entrer en resistance contre Danone, a multiplier les luttes syndicales dans chaque usine, dans chaque pays ou cette transnationale est presente, a partir des revendications propres a chacune des realites.

L’interet prive ne doit plus imposer sa loi face a Pinteret general. Defendons nos emplois, nos industries, nos agricultures.