Trade unions in the service of… “productivity”


The TUC (Trade Union Congress of the UK, member of the ETUC) managed to find a way to “unite” football with the regulation of working time and to present as positive the flexible forms of employment.

Specifically, on the occasion of the EURO 20 match between England and Germany, the TUC submitted a request to the employers requesting that the employees be allowed to leave their jobs earlier to watch the match and to make up for the lost working hours at a later time.

This request is of course not based on the fulfillment of the feelings of the fans, nor even on the importance of one of the top matches of Euro 2020, but as Francis O’Grady, General Secretary of TUC, said, “Whether it’s about major sporting events like Euro 2020, attending a medical appointment or picking up the kids from school, allowing people more flexibility in how and when they do their work makes them happier …and boost productivity.”

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Most likely, such “positive” aspects were also seen by the GSEE, member of ETUC in Greece, in the law for the “regulation of working-time and they refused to call a strike on June 16.

Of course, about how “happy” the workers of zero hour contracts, twelve-hour work and half-unemployment, half-life are, the employees probably have a different opinion.

For the workers, the logic and positions of the TUC and ETUC are a clear penalty … without VAR.

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