The USA and Greek governments’ butchers allies continue their barbaric work against the Palestinian people


In a new show of barbarism and inhumanity, armed Israeli security forces attacked the crowd accompanying the coffin of US-Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh for the funeral procession. The journalist who was killed by the Israeli army with a bullet in the head.

The hypocrisy of the US, the EU and the governments of Greece cannot be hidden from hollow and ala carte declarations for “democracy“ and “human rights” while at the same time they continue to cooperate and support the murderous state of Israel.

The new shameful barbarity of the murderous state of Israel proves that the murderers of the Palestinian people are afraid of the anger of the people. They fear the condemnation of their policy and international solidarity with the struggling Palestinian people. They are afraid of the reaction and the struggle of the peoples against the crimes of the imperialists!

Solidarity with the people of Palestine!

For a Free and Independent Palestine on the Borders of ’67!

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