Solidarity with the Workers of Britain- Hands Off the #RightToStrike

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

PAME denounces the new attempt by the British Government and the business groups to attack the right to strike, criminalise trade union action and intimidate workers in struggle.

At a time when millions of workers are demanding pay rises to enable them to survive the huge wave of inflation, the British Government is rushing to defend the profits of the business groups by pushing through new reactionary legislation against workers’ right to strike. With the bill it is promoting under the hypocritical “minimum service level” argument, it actually wants to turn strikes into a blank cheque and criminalise striking workers by allowing them to be sacked.

In all countries, the governments serving the business groups have privatised, degraded and dismantled a number of necessary services, hospitals, transport, schools, etc., turning them into shops that the people pay for and suffer daily by receiving on a daily basis a very expensive “minimum service level”.

These same governments, in Greece, France, Britain and elsewhere, attempt to attack at the right to strike. Business groups and governments with threats, prosecutions, slander and other means try to prevent the development of workers’ struggles.

But workers are fighting and demanding because they have no other choice. Workers are striking, losing wages and struggling because the other way is misery, poverty and cold.

We will not die for big companies to profit. We will not bend to threats and unjust laws.

The right to strike was won through struggle, sweat and blood. It was not given away and no law can abolish it!

We respond to the attack of business groups and governments by strengthening the organization, solidarity and workers’ struggles!

We support the struggles and demands of the workers of Great Britain!

Hands off the #RightToStrike !


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