Solidarity with the New Great Strike of Workers of France January 31

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

Delegation of PAME in Paris in Solidarity

PAME expresses its solidarity with the workers of France who are escalating their struggle against the dirty effort of the Macron government to increase the retirement age with a new General Strike on 31 January and a series of strikes and mobilisations in sectors and regions.

On 19 January over 2 million people flooded the streets of French cities. Almost half a million demonstrators protested in Paris. While at the same time there were huge participation rates in the strike in all sectors, shutting down factories, stopping transport.

Once again the enormous power of the working class, the class that produces wealth and without which nothing moves, was demonstrated. The working class of France has responded to the attack of the employers and the Macron government and is escalating its struggle.

Workers of France in this struggle you are not alone. In the Strike of January 31, a delegation of PAME will participate in the big demonstration in Paris expressing in practice the solidarity of the class unions of Greece to your just struggle.

We have the power and we can overthrow them!

The victory of the workers of France will be a victory for all workers!

Victory to the workers of France!


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