Solidarity With the Employees of Public Sector of France and their Strike October 10

All Workers Militant Front (PAME), member of the World Federation of Trade Unions, representing the class trade union movement of Greece and having in its ranks hundreds of unions, Regional Trade Union Centers and National Federations, expresses its solidarity with the workers in the Public Sector of France who go on strike on 10 October.

Colleagues, the continuation of the great mobilizations of French workers of the last days, the new strike mobilization of public sector employees shows the path for all workers. This is the only way to stop the anti-workers’ attack, which is being promoted in all European countries and is aimed at safeguarding the profits of business groups.

The only way out for the workers is the continuous class struggle to defend the rights of the working class, of those who work and produce the enormous wealth that exists today. Against the business groups, the political and trade union forces that ask us to live with fewer and fewer. Against those who ask us to sacrifice our rights for the «development» and the profitability of monopolies. Against those who talk about struggles, but their role is to lead workers to «social dialogues» so as to surrender their rights.

Today, in the deep crisis of capitalism, public and private sector workers need to coordinate our struggle across Europe. Overcome the obstacles put forward by the ETUC’s bureaucratic leadership and all together to act together with goals:

• Stop Privatizations

• Defend our Work, Salary, and Insurance Rights

• Fight for Collective Agreements with Wage Raises

• Protect the Right to Strike, Trade-Union Rights and Freedoms

PAME is open to coordinating and fighting alongside with all the militant unions in Europe.

Long Live the workers in France!

The class oriented trade union movement of Greece is at your side.





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