Solidarity with the couriers Union “KURYER” of Russia

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

The Unions from Greece, we express our solidarity with the courier union Profsoyz “KURYER” of Russia and its President Kirill Ukrainchev, who was arrested and taken to a Russian court, after a series of strikes organized by the union demanding Collective Contract with rights.

Police arrested Kiril Ukrandsev at his home, where they investigated a “repeated violation of the rules of mass events” because, as president of the Union, he was leading the way in strikes and protests. The court ruled that the trade unionist should remain in custody until June 25.

We denounce the arrest of Kirill Ukrainchev and the persecution against the militant workers and the trade unions of Russia.

In the face of repression and persecution the workers have the power of Organization and Solidarity

We demand the release of the President of the Courier Union Kirill Ukrainchev

Union Organizations of Greece who sign the Message

PAME – All Workers Militant Front

SETTA -Union of Couriers of Athens

Hotel-Tourism-Catering Union of Athens

EFooD Workers Union of Thessaloniki


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