Seamen of Greece escalate their struggle with 3rd Day of National Strike on February 25


The Board of PEMEN union, member of PAME, decided the continuation of the strike struggle, with a new 24-hour nationwide strike in all categories of ships, on Thursday, February 25 from 00.01 to 24.00, with the prospect of escalation.

The meetings of the Boards of other seamen unions are currently in progress to ratify the relevant proposal made in a joint meeting.

The PEMEN union welcomes the massive – militant participation of seamen in the 48-hour nationwide – warning strike that began on Tuesday in all categories of ships and emphasizes that “shipowners, government, Ministry of Shipping, deliberately attack for the abolition of collective Contracts, Social Security, trade union rights of seamen. This was confirmed by today’s meeting of a delegation of seafarers’ unions with the Minister of Shipping.

“Once again, he mentioned the well-known blackmail methods used by the shipowners with the respective governments, to undermine the strikes of the seafarers, who are fighting for the acute problems and the defense of their rights”.

PEMEN calls on the unions, the international trade unions, the seafarers, the workers, the pensioners, to express their practical solidarity, to be “present” in the ports, in the catapults of the ships, to guard the strike. “The attack on the rights of seafarers should become everyone’s case, with organization and struggle, to resist the plans of shipowners, big businessmen”.


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