PAME Statement: Solidarity and support with the struggle of Efood Delivery Workers


PAME supports with all its forces, the mobilizations and the fair struggle of the delivery workers of the Efood Company (Subsidiary of the German Multinational Delivery Hero). We support the militant decisions of the unions throughout the country that focus on ensuring the labor and insurance rights of the platform delivery workers.

The massive participation of workers in the work stoppage of September 22 and the moto protests in several cities of Greece sent a message of disobedience and militancy to those who think that they have ended with labor rights.

The recent law of the ND Government, which opened the appetites of the employers and freed their hands, will be broken in the workplaces, in the sectors, on the street.

We call on the trade unions in every sector to express and strengthen their solidarity in the struggles of the workers in Efood and in the Strike that they themselves decided en masse, for Friday, September 24.

The unjust law will remain only on paper!

Solidarity to Efood delivery workers!

Statements,videos or photos of solidarity to be sent to

[email protected]


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