PAME Meeting with ETUF-Egypt Leadership

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

On Thursday, February 16, high-level delegation of the Egypt Trade Union Federation-ETUF, headed by ETUF President Mr Gobran visited PAME Headquarters and met with the Secretariat of PAME.

At the meeting, were discussed the strengthening of solidarity between the Greek and Egyptian workers and their trade unions, the need for PAME and ETUF to intervene jointly with the Greek and Egyptian governments to secure the labour and insurance rights of Egyptian workers in Greece, as well as the unreserved solidarity with the people of Syria and Turkey affected by the earthquakes. Solidarity expressed, with the huge contribution of the trade unions in the collection of essentials from the workers of both Greece and Egypt.

Both sides concluded on the need for closer contact by taking initiatives to strengthen trade unions and the WFTU in both countries and in the wider region.



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