PAME in Solidarity with the Workers of France


On Thursday, June 28th, a day of strike in France, PAME supported the big strike of the workers of France.

In the morning, PAME welcomed the strike at the Versailles station in Paris. There, the trade unions made a symbolic occupation on the railways.

PAME transferred the solidarity of the class movement of Greece. PAME noted that it is a common attack by the EU-business groups and governments in all countries, and noted that PAME and the WFTU will continue to be firmly on the side of French workers. It also stressed the need to continue the joint action against the anti-peoples policy imposed in all countries.

French workers thanked PAME for its solidarity and briefed on the struggle they have given over three months in particular in the railways and energy sectors.

Also The PAME delegation took part in the great strike rally in Paris


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