PAME Greece – Solidarity with the Teachers’ Strike in Columbus, Ohio(VIDEO)

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

PAME, which represents the class unions of Greece expresses its solidarity with the teachers in Columbus, Ohio who went on a massive strike demanding wage increases and improved educational conditions.

The 5,000 teachers in Columbus voted 94% against the Board of Education’s proposal for zero raises in wages, no hiring of teachers for Art, PE and no decent teaching conditions, students per classroom, etc. and started strike action on 22 August. This strike is the first teachers’ strike in Ohio since 1975 and met great success.

At a time when governments are providing millions in subsidies and grants to big business groups, at the same time they are degrading the education of the people’s children, freezing or reducing teachers’ salaries and failing to ensure the necessary conditions for the education of students.

Education is not a commodity, it is a right and teachers serve the education of our children!

PAME supports the just demands of the teachers of Columbus and stands by their side in their great struggle.


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