PAME denounces the thousands of layoffs by the multinational General Motors and Ford


PAME denounces the multinationals General Motors and FORD that announced they will make thousands of layoffs in various countries of the world.

GM announced that will make 14,000 layoffs (about 15% of its staff) closing production factories. Likewise, FORD announced it will move on to restructuring with thousands of layoffs and shutting down of “loss-making” lines.

In the pursuit of increasing profitability and competitiveness, the multinationals do not hesitate to lay off thousands of workers and attack on working rights. In an industry of enormous profitability, the competition between the business groups requires constant sacrifices from the part of the workers.

PAME denounces the thousands of layoffs by the automobile multinationals and expresses its solidarity with their workers all over the world.

Against the attack of the business groups, the workers have as a weapon their organization and solidarity.


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