National Strike of maritime workers 10-11 December


Colleagues, maritime workers

The maritime workers’ unions of Greece and the federation are carrying out a 48-hour nationwide strike from December 10 in all categories of ships, with the prospect of escalation.

Shipowners, government, with the policy of competitiveness, increase the exploitation of maritime workers, they want to abolish the Collective Labor Agreements but also all our rights.

Maritime workers are fighting and demanding the abolition of anti-workers’ laws, the renewal and implementation of Collective Contracts in all categories of ships, with substantial increases in wages, organic compositions based on real needs, measures to protect the unemployed, repatriation of trapped sailors, measures to protect the health and safety of our lives, against the tax raid, to solve the acute problems in social security, maritime education.

We call on you to express your solidarity in our strike struggle

 The maritime workers Unions


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