Militant Protest at the Embassy of Italy – Solidarity with USB

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

A militant protest was held at the Embassy of Italy in Athens by PAME and trade unions against the unacceptable attempts to criminalise trade union action and to intimidate workers in Italy.

PAME denounced that in Italy the USB and Si Cobas unions are facing a 350-page indictment by the Piagenza Public Prosecutor’s Office in which the unions and trade unionists are accused of “crimes” such as picketing strikes, protests and mobilisations in the logistics sector. On the basis of this indictment, a police operation was carried out with searches of trade unionists’ homes and the arrest of 4 USB trade unionists.

The PAME delegation also denounced the attitude of the Embassy which “welcomed” the trade union representatives with the Embassy’s Police Security Officer. After the delegation’s strong protest the trade unions’ memorandum was received by a representative of the Diplomatic body of the Embassy. The representatives of the Embassy stated that the information they had on the matter was from the media and did not provide any answers for this unacceptable persecution. PAME transferred the condemnation of the workers of Greece for this dangerous development and noted in the Resolution it delivered:

It is obvious that in Italy the logistics employers, alarmed by the growing anger of the workers in the sector and the militant action of the unions, are using the Italian state apparatus to attack the militant unions.

We note that no one was convicted for the murder of Abd El Salam, a migrant worker, a USB member in the logistics sector, and that three months ago a provocation was staged at the USB headquarters.

The USB responded to the current developments with a 24hour strike in logistics and actions for the liberation of the detained trade unionists.

We express our solidarity with the Italian trade unions USB and Si Cobas, which are being targeted and persecuted by the governments and the state apparatus, and with all workers in Italy. 

We condemn the unacceptable attempts to criminalise trade union action and to intimidate workers in Italy.

We demand an end to the prosecution of trade unionists and the withdrawal of all charges

Release the arrested trade unionists NOW!

Hands off the USB!


Video PAME Statement (with English subtitles)


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