Militant Actions In Neighborhoods Massive Call For November 9 General Strike

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

2 weeks before the great strike of the working class of Greece on November 9, the action of the trade unions is intensifying in order to stop everything on that day. Workplaces, neighborhoods, wherever the working people move, work and live becomes the site of intensified militant action, for information, organization, mobilisation, coordination and escalation.

With daily interventions at the workplaces, in all sectors, joint actions of workers’ unions with organizations and associations of farmers and self-employed workers, prepare the success of the strike, call for an uprising, for even more forces to come to the fore, with their participation in the unions, for wage increases, for collective bargaining, for income protection, to stop the dismissals and the persecution of militant workers, etc.

The weekend 22-23 of October, militant actions were held by unions in neighborhoods to inform and call for massive participation in the strike action of November 9.



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