Massive 24hour strike in Athens Transport

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

On Wednesday, June 29 Bus and Trolley Transport workers held a massive strike action with no Bus or Trolley moving for 24hours. Transport workers with their strike opposed the attempts of the OSY (Urban Transport Organization) to privatize part of transport routes.

During the protest the Minister of Transport attacked the workers and their mobilization, by appealing to the courts and went so far as to accuse the workers of “wanting fewer buses on the streets” (!), Because they oppose the privatization. He also called as “capricious” their demand for strengthening the transport system under the responsibility of the state and without the involvement of private business groups.

The class unionists highlighted that private companies, such as KTEL Attica have unpaid staff for three and four months, while the vehicles it has are constantly facing damages.


Solidarity with Rail Workers and RMT Strikes in the UK

At the same time from the picket lines in the Buses depot the class unionists sent a message of solidarity with the struggle and the strikes of Rail worker in the UK and RMT Union



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