MALAMATINA Workers’ Strike Continues-Employer fires Unionists

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

The Strike of Workers in MALAMATINA continues for more than a month against the layoffs of 15 workers. In an attempt to break the strike and the union the employers of MALAMATINE fired 2 union leaders who work at the factory. On Wednesday, MALAMATINA announced the firing of Giannis Fragidis, President of the MALAMATINA Union and National Federation POEEP, and Aris Merkenidis, President of the Union Drivers of Drinks Industries, who both work at the company.

The firing of the 2 unionists took place immediately after the workers’ meeting, which decided to continue the strike.

In immediate response PAME and the class unions held a protest at the Ministry of Labor where they met with the General Secretary of the Ministry and demanded the immediate cancellation of the layoffs.

At the same time a meeting of Unions took place in Thessaloniki which decided initiatives to strengthen solidarity. The Unions stated clearly that the layoffs will not be accepted and the workers will cancel them.

Video protest at the Ministry of Labor



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