Intervention from Kostas Demos,Students’ Militant Front (MAS) – PAME International Seminar June 17(VIDEO)


Dear comrades, good evening

On behalf of the Student Militant Front, the largest gathering of student Unions in Greece, we are very happy for the presence of all of you here and from this step we welcome the workers’ struggles, the labor movement, which is fighting worldwide for its rights and needs!

We stand in solidarity with all the peoples of the world, of Palestine, of Cuba, with the peoples of Ukraine and Russia who are victims of imperialist competitions. We express our solidarity with the refugees and the uprooted who are fighting for their rights all over the world!

We, the students, the youth, draw conclusions from this struggle, we take strength and courage to continue the fight against the war declared by the governments of the whole world and the imperialist unions against the people and the young generation!

The effort we make has results. It can be seen by the rallying of more and more Unions in the Student’s Militant Front, by the rallying of more students around their Student Unions, by the rallying of more and more young people every day in the fight for our rights and needs!

The workers’ movement in Greece showed us the right direction in the difficult years of the pandemic, when the government, faithfully following the instructions of the EU was trying to impose complete silence. The images of organized disobedience, which broke for the first time the prohibitions of the government, from the May Day rally in 2020 caused us awe and gave us courage!

This way a year later the students broke the bans and took to the streets by the thousands to oppose the situation, but also to demand measures to protect our health, for better studies, for funding at the level of our needs, for our own needs that the policy of this government and all previous ones ignores and considers a cost!

We did it, we did it because throughout the pandemic we had on our side our teachers, our workers parents, PAME, the working class of Greece that supported our struggle. We did it because for so many years, in coordination with the workers’ movement, we have been fighting against the policies of the government, whatever government we had, against the employers who, with the new law, they want to break into our schools. We are fighting by cultivating to the youth the position that there are no saviors. It does not make sense to wait for a solution from above, the people and the youth must take matters into their own hands. Because the youth smiled for the first time, when they saw the relentless struggle of the healthcare workers who did not stop fighting for a moment and highlighting the criminal responsibilities of underfunding and understaffing of the hospitals, when they saw the workers’ struggle of COSCO who succeeded against gods and demons and crushed the employers’ intimidations!

With these and thousands of other struggles of the people and the youth as a legacy

With PAME and the class unions that rally with it on our side the militant forces in the students’ movement of Greece, we succeeded, to overturn the correlation in the Universities and to emerge as first force in students’ elections Greece after 35 years. This event brought great joy, great optimism to a wider section of the people, as it broke a black situation of 35 years!

The forces of the government this year were massively rejected by the youth and the students, the message of condemnation of the government’s policy was expressed at the students’ elections,

It sent a clear message to all those who have declared war on us that the youth is on the side of PAME, not afraid. Now, the students, the Student Unions are ready from better places to hold a more massive struggle with the flag of the needs of the students! This result fills us with joy but at the same time a great responsibility to continue the fight for our rights and needs until the end!

Youth and Workers United!

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