GREEK AND FOREIGN WORKERS UNITED-PAME Statement on December 18 International Migrants Day

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

On the occasion of December 18, International Migrants Day, PAME, the class unions of Greece send a message of Solidarity, Message of organization and Struggle to our class brothers, migrants of every country, every color, every race and religion.

Whether you are a migrant who left your homeland and came to Greece, or you are a migrant who left Greece and went to another country, the workers of each country We are united by the difficulties and obstacles of a system dominated by poverty, unemployment for the many, so that the few can profit. A system that cultivates xenophobia, racism, which starts wars and creates refugees.

But at the same time we are united by common hopes and dreams, we are united by the common struggle for survival, for jobs, wages, rights, the struggle of all of us for a better life, for a society without exploitation.

PAME, the class unions, are on the side of every worker in the fight for wage increases, Collective Contracts, humane working hours, Free Public Healthcare and Education against bosses, governments and the European Union of Monopolies

As we are in a new wave of the pandemic, it is imperative to take all the necessary measures, which are the responsibility of the governments that have been delayed, for the health coverage and immediate vaccination of all migrant workers, refugees, etc. but also their access to Public Health and medical care etc.

Our recent victories against multinationals such as COSCO, EFOOD in Greece, fill us with faith and optimism and prove the power of organized and collective workers’ claim. Especially among the delivery workers, a large percentage of the workers and strikers who are migrants who came in contact with their unions, joined them, and demanded on the side of their Greek colleagues and won. Similar is the example of the workers in the fields of Marathonas, who succeeded and won salary increases in very difficult conditions.

The large percentage of young workers, migrants, refugees, uprooted who are in Greece today, enter production on the worst terms, worst pay, without – most of the time – not even the most basic rights, they are colleagues that the unions have a duty, decisively, militantly, to reach out to them, to get in touch with them, to become part of the organized workers’ movement of our country against the forces that exploit us and push us into poverty and misery. The positive examples of recent times are a guide for the continuation and escalation of the struggle.



No discrimination in employment insurance pension rights, no exclusion from benefits.

Additional measures for the protection, Health and safety conditions in the workplace for migrants and refugee workers, by informing them from special levels in their mother tongue and staffing the Labor Inspection Body with interpreters and services that respond to their requests

Signing of direct transnational agreements on the possibility of transferring the insurance pension rights of migrant workers to their country of origin

Ensuring adequate and healthy living spaces for land workers and their regular inspection by a health committee.

Immediate recruitment and staffing with interpreters of all hospitals and health units under the responsibility of the state

Ensuring to all migrants and refugees an insurance number and with the responsibility of the state, their access and coverage in examinations, medicines and necessary medical equipment without obstacles.

Measures for the protection of migrants and refugees from the corona-virus, acceleration of vaccinations with all available vaccines, exclusively with state responsibility.

Long-term residence permits, without fees, fines, long delays, without income criteria and exclusion of the unemployed. Establishment of a state network of legal support for migrants and refugees. Simplification of the procedures for the renewal of residence permits, no prerequisite of work stamps.

Legalization of migrants living under an irregular status. Special care for the situation of irregularity in which 40% of migrant women are employed in domestic work

The acquisition of Greek citizenship by naturalization should be done with objective criteria, for those who wish, without class and bureaucratic obstacles.

Staffing of all state services for refugees and migrants, with permanent staff, with full employment and insurance rights. No NGOs involvement in Refugee-migration.

No involvement of our country in imperialist plans and interventions. Close all NATO bases now.

PAME Posters for December 18 in 4 languages available here


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