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Government & Bosses Want To Legislate 10hour- Workday/60hour Work Week

They Want To Ban Unions And Workers’ Strikes

The pandemic is turning into a great opportunity for the government and the bosses. At the same time that the country, because of the government’s choices, is at the brink of a new lockdown, the pandemic is sweeping the national healthcare system that was left defenseless and understaffed, the workplaces and the Mass Transit system have turned into hyper-spreading grounds for the virus, the Government found the time to leave nothing standing of workers’ rights.

 As if the personal bankruptcy law was not enough, with which they have put their claws on peoples housing and income. As if it is not enough that unemployment has skyrocketed and the law that essentially bans demonstration, the government came forward and announced

  • The enforcement of 10 hour workday everywhere, and moreover unpaid work for the two extra hours.
  • They are shattering stable working hours and reducing even further wages.
  • They completely ban Sunday as a day off.
  • Attack to union action, the organization and the rights of workers.
  • They are abolishing general assemblies, workers’ participation to them and set electronic voting as a prerequisite for a strike.
  • They impose “safety staff” during strikes, that in some cases (like in the former public infrastructure companies, transportation, ports etc) will surpass even the workers of the whole shift!
  • Even if after all this there is a strike announced, from now on, picket lines will be a criminal offence and make the strike itself illegal.
  • The right to collective bargaining will be recognized only to the unions that will have submitted their digital registry, the names of their members, to the state and the bosses. So for a union to function it must accept surveillance of its members

  We will not allow them to do so. We will not back down from fighting collectively for our rights and union freedoms. We will not hand over to the capitalists and their state the right to unionize, to assemble and decide, to elect our representatives. We will not stop fighting no matter how many persecutions they initiate. We will not leave anyone alone, against the big companies and their mechanisms.

 Under the masks we have voices

The Call for General Strike is the absolute priority for every union. The strike decisions are multiplying every single day. Now is the time for no workplace to be left without workers rising up through their unions and their commissions, organize general assemblies, and campaigns, so everyone will know what the government is planning.

 We Prepare Massive, Militant Response With General Strike Everywhere, In Factories, Hotels, Construction Sites, Shops.

PAME is calling to the unions of every country to denounce the anti-workers bill of the Greek government. Express solidarity to the general strike of the workers of Greece.


Send Messages to

PAME: [email protected]

ILO: [email protected]

Local Embassies of Greece in each country



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