General Assembly of COSCO dockworkers “We Won”


On Friday, November 5, in the docks of COSCO in Piraeus the strikers dockworkers held a massive general assembly to discuss the developments and the result of their 7day strike.

In the assembly also expressed their internationalist class solidarity unionists

Ali Riza Kucukosmanoglu from Nakliyat-Is from Turkey and President of TUI Transport of WFTU

and Eugène Christo-Foroux from UD CGT 13 from Marseilles, France.

Both unionists paid their respects and laid some flowers in the memory of the worker Dimitris Daglis, who lost his life at the docks last week.

The assembly closed by unanimously approving the action plan and decisions of the Union as well as its draft for Collective Contract.

The President of ENEDEP Union, cadre of PAME, Markos Bekris noted in his remarks

“It is the first time ever, in China, or in any other country in the world where COSCO ever accepted the demands of the workers.

We defeated COSCO

We return to our work with our heads high, proud, Victorious.

We strengthen our Union, with new members, this is our weapon

We continue the struggle now for the satisfaction of all our demands and the signing of Collective Contract for all workers in the docks”


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