Food Delivery Workers’ Militant Response to Blackmails and Threats


Food-Delivery workers organize their militant response to the company E-FOOD (subsidiary of the German multinational DELIVERY HERO) after the company blackmailed the workers with a text message calling them to accept working as freelancers or being fired.

Within hours the hundreds of riders organized meetings in many cities with their local unions and decided to move with a work stoppage and demonstration on Wednesday, September 22  and strike on Friday, September 24 rejecting the blackmails of the company.



The Unions of Tourism-Catering of Athens, Thessaloniki, Larisa, Patras and other cities demand among other things, the renewal of the contracts with direct recruitment from the “e-food” and into indefinite time with all the labor and insurance rights. Change of the measure of “evaluation”, integration in the Heavy and Unhealthy occupations, no deliveries during extreme weather condition frost, heat, storms, etc. Also infrastructures and places of rest and protection from the weather phenomena.

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