Doctors and healthcare workers of Greece begin week of strikes in defense of Public Hospitals

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

On Monday, November 28 Doctors and healthcare workers of Public Hospitals held their 1st day of Strike and protest in front of the Parliament rejecting the Government’s Bill that further privatizes Public Hospitals and Public Healthcare Services.

Doctors raised a big banner in front of the Parliament stating

“NOW Withdraw the bill that butchers Public Healthcare

STOP the theft from patients’ pockets

FREE healthcare for all the people

NOT a commodity & a privilege for a few”

Protests were also organized in various hospitals and other cities

Also the Presidents of the National Federations of Public Hospitals Doctors (OENGE) and Workers in Pharmaceutical Companies intervened in the Parliamentary Committee discussion rejecting the bill in whole responding to the Government’s argument for “Freedom to chose”

The President of OENGE stated

“What freedom are you talking about? This is crude blackmail, and in the hour of need, in the hour of illness, in the hour when patients are facing death. Either you pay for your health or you are condemned to months and months of waiting for a diagnosis, for a treatment, for an operation. So you either pay for your health or you die.”

The Unions of Doctors, of Public Hospitals Workers and the class unions will escalate their struggle with new Strike Action on November 29 and December 1st

Video Giannitsa Hospital


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