Delivery Workers Protest and Meeting with the Ministry of Labor

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

On Tuesday, November 16, the Unions of Tourism-Catering of Athens and Efood Workers’ Union, along with other unions of the sector held a moto protest to the Ministry of Labor.

In the meeting that took place with general secretaries of the Ministry of Labor and representatives of SEPE, the delivery workers and the unions raised a series of demands and claims. As for its results, as informed by the president of the Union, the request for the provision of all the necessary means of personal protection is being implemented. Specifically, the ministry responded that a Ministerial Decree would be drafted that specifically defines the means and specifications that must be met and will provide that these should be provided by each employer free of charge to the delivery workers.


Regarding the demand for joining delivery workers profession being recognized a Dangerous and Hazardous (BAE), however, the answer was that it is “doubtful” whether the delivery workers belong to this category professions, while the meeting of the relevant committee will take place in two years!

“It is clear that they do not want to put us in the BAE so that the employers and the state do not pay,” denounced the president of the union. As he clarified, the struggle will not stop, instead the Unions will submit a detailed memorandum and will request the meeting of the committee

Before the Ministry the delivery workers stopped in front of the Polytechnic to pay tribute to the struggle against the dictatorship.




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