COSCO Dockers Strike Breaks State Oppression


The dockers of COSCO gave a powerful response to the attempts of the multinational and the Government of Greece to break the Strike with oppression and intimidations.


On Saturday, April 30, one day before May Day, the Government send hundreds of riot police forces, armored tracks and Coast Guard special forces to block the picket lines of the dockers and break the strike.

Against these tactics hundreds of workers came to the port in solidarity with the strike and condemned the attempts to break the strike. The determination of the COSCO workers to strike resulted in the morning shift not even one worker passing the line with the strike succeeding 100%.

Against this development the employer gathered 30 lackeys along with 20 workers who were threatened and blackmailed and were put on buses, with police escort to enter the docks. 

The workers responded with humor, applauding the Special Forces for their “service”

This tactic strengthened the workers determination in support of the strike which continued for May Day, with a call for a big solidarity event at the docks. After the strike rallies thousands of workers reached the docks to express their solidarity. Also Soldiers and sailors from the Greek Army and Navy send their support and solidarity, students of Piraeus, and more

Video with highlights from the event

The COSCO workers received a warm welcome when returning to the docks

They then welcomed the workers of EFOOD who came in solidarity

Workers and Unions came to bring money for the strike fund

Militant Musicians held a concert of solidarity


The ENEDEP-COSCO Workers’ Union stated that the employer will have time till May 6 to respond to the workers’ demands for the Collective Contract

“We use the following days to coordinate even better with other sectors of Piraeus, to gather forces, to prepare even better for the future. It became clear that the port closes and opens, when the workers who work it decide it.

We make it clear that we will not tolerate any threat of employer to any colleague, we are all one person, we have proven this and so we will continue.

All workers united. Everyone in the Union. No colleague alone” 

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