Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

Health workers, along with dozens of workers’ unions and mass organizations, demonstrated to demand to Kill the bill that demolishes public health care. While the debate on the government bill was taking place in the plenary session of the parliament, outside, hospital workers, workers’ and pensioners’ unions, students’ and women’s associations and mass organizations confemned the bill in the most categorical way. They demanded free Health Care for all the people and not Healthcare that is an expensive commodity and a privilege for a few.

185 trade unions and organisations across the country condemned the bill, among whom are Health Workers’ Federations, Doctors’ Associations, Unions of Workers in hospitals and other public health structures, the Medical Associations, sending a clear message that doctors, nurses and other workers in the public health system oppose its further degradation and commercialisation.

The President of OENGE, National Federation of Hospital Doctors, and Cadre of PAME, Afroditi Retziou noted in her speech

“As in the period of the pandemic, so today hospital doctors, health workers are becoming “one” with the people and defending the right to health and life. With one voice we demand the withdrawal of the bill that attacks at the heart of the public healthcare system… If one wants to describe the essence of the bill, it is this: Crude blackmail on patients and the people ‘either you pay or you don’t survive’,” but also on doctors, whom it “sends to steal from the pockets of their patients so as to boost their income and increase their salaries. One is the answer: Withdraw the bill now …we demand free healthcare for the people at the level of the 21st century.”




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