Big Event of Greek and Migrant Workers July 23 in Manolada

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

Greek and Migrant Workers United in Common Struggle

 Come and join us in a great cultural event. Sing together with the musicians, the singers. Dance with our songs, together with the Greek workers. To express through song and dance our struggles, against the difficulties created by those who exploit us.

To express the need to strengthen our struggle that has brought certain results. To express the need for solidarity that has helped us in our struggle.

A few weeks after the great river of struggle and claim, life and survival of migrant land workers, who flooded the streets by the thousands from Nea Manolada to Varda, side by side with the Greek workers, we continue and strengthen our common struggle.

The huge problems continue and remain for the migrant land workers who produce the “red gold” and huge wealth for the big landowners of the region because of the policies of the Government and the local authorities. This has been the case over time with all governments.

The governments of Greece and Bangladesh signed an agreement not to improve our lives and our working and living conditions, but for our greater exploitation. For the bosses to earn more from our work and sweat.

They don’t care about us. They come in and promise us supposedly better days, but they make fools of us. They are photographed in their ties supposedly solving problems, but with empty promises.

No trust in those who only want us for work, picking, carrying, under the fierce sun, the unbearable heat, the poisonous chemicals.

We continue to demand:

Long-term residence permits, without fees, fines and long delays. Legalization of migrants living under irregularities.

Immediately restart vaccination and complete it in a short time with specific scheduling. Start vaccination for other diseases as well.

Ensure that all migrants have an social security number and that they have unhindered access and coverage, under the responsibility of the state, to examinations, medicines and necessary medical equipment in hospitals and health centres in the region.

The recent huge demonstration, the joint struggle of Greeks and migrants shows the power of organization and Solidarity.

The migrant workers sent a message that together with the Greek workers, they will not stop demanding their rights.

We Continue, We Strengthen the Struggle


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