Big Demonstrations of Pensioners in Greece


Thousands of pensioners, from all over Greece, were yesterday, December 14 once again, on the streets of the struggle, in the dozens of mobilizations organized by the Federations of Pensioners, demanding the returning of all their losses, cuts they suffered in pensions and benefits the last years, while also denouncing the further privatization of Social Security and the anti-people policy that affects their income.

“No compromise with this policy – We claim what we have been deprived of”: With this slogan they demonstrated in Athens. Against the massive demonstration the Greek Government tried to respond with Riot Police forces and water cannons blocking the pensioners march from reaching the Prime Minister’s office. The pensioners chanted “Shame! Disgrace!” to the police forces and the Government, who under the pressure and determination of the pensioners, they withdrew allowing the demonstration to reach its final destination.



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