Big Antiimperialist Demonstrations: No Involvement in the Imperialist War


With massive and militant demonstrations in many cities of Greece and in the center of Athens, trade unions, self-employed unions, women’s associations, student associations and other mass organizations condemned the Greece-USA Military Agreement, being voted in the Parliament, which turns Greece into NATO territory and leads to an increasing involvement in the vortex of imperialist rivalries and plans as well as escalating the dangers for the people.

Responding to the call against Greece-USA Military Agreement, unions and organizations carried out one of the largest and most militant anti-imperialist mobilizations of recent times marching to the Parliament.

Main slogan was

“Greece out of the imperialist slaughterhouses! Cancel the Agreement on the bases of the DEATH now!”

The class unions and people’s organizations demanded the withdrawal of the Agreement, the immediate closure of the bases and all NATO infrastructure, the use of no infrastructure for participation in Ukraine war, the cessation of Greek participation in imperialist plans and wars in any form or pretext.


Thessaloniki Video

Demonstrations in many cities Photos

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