Athens INTRAKAT Construction Workers’ Strike important success

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

The workers at the INTRAKAT construction site, in Athens with their strike, on Monday 24 of October, demanded wage increases. The mobilization was called by the Athens Construction Workers’ Union, following a decision by the workers themselves and their Works Committee.

The employers threatened that the mobilisations “are not legal” and called for cancellation of the Strike.

The Union responded “When the workers rally in their union and take the situation into their own hands, there is nothing that can stand in their way and they can practically smash the laws formed by all governments to make our strikes ‘illegal’.

On Monday the workers stopped all work at the construction site and with their universal participation gave the best response to the employers.

During the strike the employers finally stated that by Thursday, October 27, they will give workers new contracts, with mid-term increases of up to 20% and an additional 10% in the form of a voucher for all workers, to be paid with the payroll each month.

The union informed the strikers about this development, calling on them to be on the alert for struggle. “We are on the front lines to ensure that what we have agreed to is respected and we are reserved for the conditions that will be included in the new contracts”



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