Athens – Action of Solidarity with STARBUCKS Workers

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

The Hotel-Tourism-Restaurant Workers’ Union of Athens held symbolic a protest at STARBUCKS store in Athens denouncing the intimidations of the multinational against militant workers, the attempts to silence any expression of solidarity with Palestine and to block union organization and action.

The Hotel-Tourism-Restaurant Workers’ Union of Athens denounced the union busting practices of STARBUCKS and stated

Free Palestine- STOP Trade Union Persecution at STARBUCKS

The Athens Hotel Workers Union denounces the STARBUCKS multinational for persecuting the STARBUCKS WORKERS UNITED union of because the union stands with the people of Palestine.

Governments and Multinationals support the murderer state of Israel that in a matter of days has murdered over 2000 children in Gaza. For this reason they are attempting to silence the voices denouncing the crime. They want to intimidate the peoples and workers who are crying FREE PALESTINE.

In this direction, the multinational STARBUCKS has filed a lawsuit and is demanding compensation from the union citing “damage” caused by its post to its brand and …reputation.

STARBUCKS’ reputation is tarnished by the deplorable working conditions they impose on their employees.

STARBUCKS’ reputation is tarnished by the persecution and intimidation against workers who organize and demand.

STARBUCKS’ reputation is tarnished by the blood of the children of the Palestinian people who have been murdered every day for 75 years while STARBUCKS support Israeli barbarism and occupation.

We denounce the attempt to criminalize the union action and internationalist solidarity of STARBUCKS workers.

We stand with the STARBUCKS workers and express our solidarity with their union.

We demand that all prosecutions against the union be dropped.

We strengthen solidarity with the people of Palestine



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