Activities of PAME during Thessaloniki HELEXPO


During the HELEXPO in Thessaloniki the class trade unions have planned a rich activity.

 On Friday, September 4, at 10:30 the Executive Secretariat of PAME, along the with the PASY (All Farmers Rally), the PASEVE (Pan-Hellenic Coalition of the Self-employed), the OGE (Greek Federation of Women) and the MAS (Students Militant Front) will give a Press Conference, where PAME will present the Action Plan of the class trade unions and people’s movement for the next period.

 On the same day, at 7 in the afternoon, the Executive Secretariat is organizing a conference with the trade unions of Thessaloniki

  • On the organization of the struggle in the workplaces against the brutal measures of the 3rd Memorandum of SYRIZA.

  • On the situation within the trade union movement and the perspective of the class trade unions

 On Saturday, September 5, at 6 in the afternoon, PAME calls for massive demonstration in Thessaloniki, under the slogan

No Disappointment! We respond with organization and struggle in every workplace, every branch, and every neighborhood. We strengthen the trade unions, the workers and peoples’ committees.

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