Workers’ Strike in France Marseilles September 12, 2017


Dear Colleagues,

Workers of the Historic Marseilles,

We convey to you the warmest greetings of the class trade union movement of Greece

We transfer the Solidarity of the dozens of Federations, Labor Centers and the hundreds of unions rallied to the PAME -All -Workers Militant Front.

We are with you in your struggle against the antiworkers’ attack launched by the Capital, the European Union, capital and the capital’s representatives against the rights of the working class in France.

These measures, which your government wants today to impose, are known to us and are not being promoted only in France. While there are differences across countries, in all countries across the EU, in the name of overcoming the crisis and promoting “growth”, the antiworkers’ attack is escalating. “Growth” for them means flexible working relations, low wages, workers without rights.

“Growth” mean workers without access to healthcare, education, social security. “Growth” means enormous profits for big monopoly groups, poverty and unemployment for the people. Their Growth has its foundations on the abolition of workers’ rights. This “Growth” is also served by the French and Greek governments and by all EU governments, whether they are called right or centrist or social democratic, or even “left”. All governments in the EU apply a common policy in order to attack workers’ rights, wages, pensions, social security.

In Greece also, a government with the Label of the Left, the SYRIZA government, used workers’ slogans. It created illusions that there may be “fair Growth” that will benefit both the bosses and the workers. The result is bigger poverty, wage and pension cuts, privatizations that ensure enormous profits for the capital. Their new goal is to liberalize massive layoffs, attack Collective Agreements, ban the right of workers to go on Strike and organize in their trade unions.

And all these, at a time when the EU and the governments of the countries support imperialist interventions and wars for the control of oil and markets. They kill and murder peoples while causing millions of refugees.

That’s their system. Profits and luxury for capitalists, poverty, unemployment, hunger and wars for the peoples.

In this anti-workers’ attack, a valuable ally of the capitalists is the trade union leadership that cultivates the logic of class collaboration, the forces of the European Trade Union Confederation(ETUC-CES). When it is necessary to organize the fight and to strengthen the class struggle, these forces speak only for “dialogues”! “Social dialogues” on how much the workers will lose. “Social Dialogues” that lead to disappointment, subjugation, defeatism. In Greece we have the slogan “Their dialogues are a fraud- Law is the right of the Workers”

With this slogan, despite the difficulties, despite the obstacles, Greek workers have organized more than 40 General Strikes, thousands of local and branch strikes, protests, demonstrations, occupations and other mobilizations over the last eight years. At the forefront of this struggle, were the class unions, PAME, the forces of the World Trade Union Federation(WFTU-FSM).

Our struggles may did not stop the whole attack, the situation may be negative. But our struggles prevented measures, created obstacles and delayed the plans of the EU-Capitalists. Our struggles have given hope and are the basis for the counterattack of the workers.

In this context, just a few days ago, we held large rallies in various cities against the government’s new antiworkers’ measures. While in the immediate future we are preparing the workers’ response with new strikes in many branches, but also with the preparation of a new General Strike.

Dear Colleagues, I invite you to look around you. Whatever built, whatever moves, all the enormous developments in science and technology have become reality with the effort, sweat, and thinking of the workers. All those who are currently suffering by “Growth” and “competitiveness” policies. All this wealth is the result of our own work.

But every day we see the exploitation deepening, life becomes more and more difficult, our children live poorer than their parents, although today exist all the conditions and wealth for them to live better.

There is another way: the way that the workers of France are currently showing, the path of fight against the anti-workers attack.

The way of demanding a world where workers will harvest the wealth they produce.

In this fight, on this path, you are not alone.

The world working class has the power of class solidarity, the strengthening of the common struggle to defend workers’ rights, against business groups, against the European Union, against the parties and the trade union leaderships that serve the capital.

In this struggle, on this path, the class movement of Greece, PAME, the forces of the World Trade Union Federation, are by your side.

Until Victory

Long live the World Working Class!

Long live the struggle of the French workers!

Long live the workers’ of Marseilles!

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