USA’s plan for Palestine is a bomb in the Mediterranean


PAME condemns the plan presented by the USA for Palestine. The USA-Israeli governments, with this plan, seek to put a tombstone in the struggle of the heroic Palestinian people, by forming faits accomplish under a promise for a Palestinian “state” caricature.

The US-Israeli plan legitimizes Israel’s illegal occupation of the Palestinian land. It opens the road for new Israeli and US military operations in the region. At the same time, UN decisions and international law are being thrown into the waste-basket of history. They create a huge and dangerous precedent for other international issues, especially in the Mediterranean region where Turkey illegally occupies northern Cyprus, but also questions the borders at the Aegean. With this move the USA-Israel legitimize the “law” of imperialist interventions, wars, of the racist Israeli apartheid. The oppression and slaughter of an entire people is legalized.

The developments reveal the dangerous illusions that the Greek governments systematically cultivate. Either the “devilish good” of SYRIZA or the “pole of stability” of the ND. The truth is that with the Greece-US Agreement on military bases, which they have jointly prepared and agreed on, they are part of the dangerous US plans in the region.

Greece’s working-class movement declares its clear opposition to the US plan for Palestine. We stand with the people of Palestine and strengthen our solidarity with the fair fight of the Palestinians for an Independent Palestinian State at the borders of ’67 with East Jerusalem as its capital.

We demand

Immediate implementation of the 2015 decision of the Greek Parliament to recognize the Palestinian state

Stop Greece’s political, economic, military and all kinds of cooperation with Israel.

NO to the Greece-US Agreement about Military Bases


Everyone at the rallies against the Greece-US Agreement on the bases on Thursday January 30




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