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The workers of Greece, the trade unions that sign this document, express our firm and unwavering solidarity with the long struggle of the Palestinian people against the ongoing, barbaric, and murderous Israeli occupation.

We call upon the working class of our country, the working people of the whole world to act more massively, more decisively to support the struggle of the Palestinian people for Freedom!

In every workplace, in every factory, in every school and college, in every square and neighborhood, to sound the slogan FREEDOM TO PALESTINE!

Governments, bourgeois parties, media, internet trolls, embassy mechanisms etc. have embarked on a huge propaganda war and reversal of reality to justify the timeless Israeli crimes. They seek to equate solidarity with the Palestinian people with ‘terrorism’, they even talk about criminalizing the display of the Palestinian flag.

We denounce the hypocrisy, the double standards, the – for years – Pontian Pilates, who ‘discovered’ just a few days ago that there is a war in Palestine. All these people have been “blind” for so many years, supporting the murderous machine of Israel, which daily murders, imprisons and tortures millions of Palestinians. All of them have supported and are supporting a Murderer State that sent little children to prison and today bombs, destroys and murders indiscriminately an entire country, an entire people!

The hypocrisy of all these forces has a reason and a cause, which is none other than to serve the interests of capital and the geostrategic goals of the US-NATO-EU in the region. This is why Israel’s terrorism against entire peoples is dubbed “the right to self-defense”, while the struggle of the Palestinian people to live in freedom is denounced as “terrorism”.

The Greek government of the ND is doing the same, continuing the long-standing cooperation of all Greek governments with the murderer state of Israel, now actively supporting the slaughter of 2 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, sending a Greek naval frigate and providing a series of facilities to the US and Israeli war machine.


All this cannot hide the deep solidarity of the peoples of the world with the tortured and occupied people of Palestine. Large demonstrations are being organized in all countries, on all continents.

Once again, the enormous power of the peoples comes to the fore, where, in the face of the strongest, most formidable opponent, the peoples stand up, fight for their right and their freedom!

The peoples, on the right side of history, against the Israeli occupation and imperialist designs, we stand with the struggling people of Palestine.

We fight for peace among peoples, for peoples to live in brotherhood. With an end to the Israeli occupation, Palestine free and independent on the borders of ’67, with East Jerusalem as its Capital. With the return of all Palestinian refugees to their homes, based on the relevant UN resolutions. With the immediate release of all Palestinians and other political prisoners held in Israeli prisons.

The trade unions, the National Federations, the Regional Trade Union Centres of Greece denounce the stance of the Greek Government of support for the Israeli occupation. No participation-No support for the massacre of the Palestinian people

Withdraw the frigate Psara from the area.

Cease all facilitation to the USA and Israel

Cease all economic-political-military cooperation with the murderous state of Israel

NOW Recognition of the Palestinian State


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