The Congress of the Regional Trade Union Centre of Marseilles was completed


On 13th June, the Congress of the Regional Trade Union Center UD CGT 13 De Bouches du Rhone, in Marseilles, in France was completed in an enthusiastic and militant atmosphere.

The Congress evaluated the great working struggles in the region and generally in France and discussed, on a separate issue, the situation in the international working movement, the positions and the action of the WFTU. Special reference was made of the struggles of the workers in Greece and the solidarity shown by PAME to the struggles of the Regional Trade Union Centre, while the experience from the strikes was also mentioned.

After a rich and open debate, the Congress voted by secret ballot and through the ballot box and decided, with a percentage of 90% in favour, of the affiliation of the Regional Trade Union Centre in the World Federation of Trade Unions.

Mr. Giorgos Mavrikos, the General Secretary of the WFTU, welcomed the decision during his input in the Congress, underlining its impact and its importance for the trade union movement in Europe and worldwide.

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