Solidarity with the peoples of Turkey and Syria. STOP the murderous embargoes

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

From the very first moment of the devastating earthquakes, PAME took initiatives of support and solidarity with the suffering peoples of Syria and Turkey.

The PAME Secretariat is in contact with the trade unions of Turkey and Syria to support the victims and express solidarity.

A huge campaign to collect material aid for the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria has already started.

Against the feeling of friendship and solidarity of the peoples, in these difficult times, once again is being highlighted the murderous policy of the imperialist organisations, which sacrifice human lives for the interests, aspirations and rivalries of the monopolies.

A typical example is the Syrian people, who continue to experience the long-term intervention of the imperialists and the murderous embargo that continues in the midst of the tragedy of the devastating earthquake of 6 February.

The Syrian people need immediate humanitarian aid, basic necessities, medicines, etc., but the US-NATO-EU continues its murderous embargo against an entire people who are fighting for survival with thousands of dead from the earthquake.

We demand that all obstacles to sending humanitarian aid to the Syrian people be removed.

Stop the Murderous Embargo now!

Solidarity with the Syrian people