Solidarity with the great struggle of the workers of Germany

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PAME expresses its solidarity with the workers of Germany who, en masse, organize the biggest strike mobilisations of the last decades.
The workers of Germany, especially in key sectors such as trains and air transport are mobilising and striking, demanding wage increases in order to be able to cope with the huge increase in the cost of living.
Our German colleagues join the long list of European workers who, after years of “class peace” and “social dialogues”, have been driven to the need to fight for their survival, putting aside the logic of waiting and inaction cultivated by governments and yellow unions.
The struggles in Britain, France, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, etc. prove that there are no “saviours” but only through the organised, collective, militant struggle of the workers themselves will we impose our rights.
Especially when we live in conditions of huge increase in the wealth produced and the profits of the business groups, but the workers and especially the younger generation are led to live worse even in developed economies like Germany, in order to ensure the profitability of the few.
The workers, with their great struggles in every country, are proving that they can turn the situation around, they can win conquests. At the same time, a victory for workers in one country will be a victory for workers throughout Europe. That is why it is necessary today to strengthen the joint actions and initiatives of the militant trade unions throughout Europe against the common opponent, the monopolies, the EU and the governments that serve them.
PAME stands by the side of the struggling workers in Germany and supports their just struggle. Until Victory!


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