Solidarity to the employees of ALPHA BANK in Albania


The Union of Employees in Finance of Attica, member of PAME, expresses its solidarity and full support to the employees of ALPHA BANK in Albania who have recently been experiencing growing insecurity and concern for their future work. It is already known that as part of the restructuring of its international activities, Alpha Bank intends to sell its subsidiary in Albania, thus freeing up funds for its growth in other more profitable markets. This is a deliberate decision of the management which has rightly caused justified concern to the 416 colleagues across the country who so far have not received any official information from the employer about what actions have been taken or are planned to be taken to ensure employment their future.

Employee uncertainty is reasonable as there is rich experience in the Industry on what mergers and acquisitions mean. They are always accompanied by the corresponding violation and reduction of employees’ rights.

From the very beginning, our Union stands by the side of our colleagues, supporting all their demands for the defense and securing of all their jobs, working relations and rights. We express the certainty that only the mobilization of the employees and the collective struggle can put a stop on any planning of the employer. Employees organized and with a unique criterion of their own interests to fight to avoid any dismissal, not to lose any jobs, to fight for a permanent and stable job with rights, for a life with dignity and wages that cover our modern needs

We call on the trade unions of the whole Sector in Greece to express their solidarity in the fair struggle of our colleagues in Albania, claiming:

  • Immediately inform employees about the plans and orientation of the employer in order to put an end to fears and insecurity.
  • No one to lose his job, to ensure all employment, wage and insurance rights.

The struggle of the colleagues of ALPHA BANK Albania is also our struggle



Union of Employees in Finance of Attica

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