PAME Intervention in the International Symposium of WFTU “Solidarity to the Palestinian People”

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

On Monday, November 29, the Regional Trade Union Center of Larissa participated on behalf of PAME in the big international teleconference organized by the World Federation  of Trade Unions to express solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The President of the Regional Trade Union Center of Larissa, Giannis Skokas, greeted the Meeting attended by more than 100 unions from 40 countries of the world, where he noted:

Dear brothers and sisters in Palestine

And all over the world 

 Hello from the city of Larissa, in the center of Greece, our Regional Trade Union Center, hello from PAME, from the class unions of Greece we welcome this important initiative of WFTU

We stand firmly on the side of the Palestinian people

It is a special joy and honor to participate in today’s event.

 The long-standing heroic struggle of the Palestinian people against the Israeli and American-EU imperialists is an example to be followed by all the peoples suffering from the global domination of the imperialists.

The class trade union movement of our country, PAME and the Regional Trade Union Center of Larissa express solidly and in every way solidarity with your struggling people, we participate in the events we support all the solidarity actions of the WFTU

In September 2003, our Union visited Palestine participating in the PAME delegation, where a meeting was held with Yasser Arafat.

This was the beginning of our fraternization which took place in November 2010, with the Union of Hebron Workers one of the most important cities in the West Bank. A of the Union of Hebron Workers in our city in April 2016 followed.

In 2017 we again organized an event of solidarity with the Palestinian people in our city with the participation of the Ambassador of Palestine in Greece

Many times we have organized demonstrations, protests, rallies, events of support to the people of Palestine and condemnation of the brutality of the Israeli army. Last major event we organized this year was with the Peace Committee of our city on May 23rd.

In coordination with WFTU we collected food, medicine, clothes, and money by participating in the respective initiatives of PAME to help as much as we can your struggle. Developments in Palestine have always been part of our discussion with the workers, the people in our region.

The pandemic that broke out in the last two years certainly created additional difficulties, but we did not stay silent. We continued our action in new ways, we wish to return to massive open forms by re-organizing events, meetings, mass actions.

We will continue to express our solidarity even more until the final victory of the Palestinian people because for us international solidarity is a class duty

because the victory of the people of Palestine, but also of every people against the imperialists, is a victory for all those who fight and are fighting to overthrow the capitalist system.

The decision for the brotherhood of the Regional Unions of Larissa and Hebron expresses this feeling, this attitude. It was intended to send a message to the imperialists that the Palestinians are not alone in the struggle to establish an independent Palestinian state on the borders of 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital, the only way for peace in Palestine.

For us it is clear and we denounce the attitude of the US and the EU, which support Israel and try to identify the “murderer” with the “victim”. We denounce the Greek government of ND, but also the previous Government of SYRIZA which upgraded all these years the relations with the Israeli state and did not implement the unanimous decision of the Greek Parliament of December 2015, for the official recognition of the Palestinian state.

The government of our country participates in the imperialist plans in the region, providing our land, the sea and all kinds of facilities for their implementation. Our area here is turning into a military base for NATO and EU murderers. In our city there is now a NATO airport base, the EU headquarters. The whole country is turning into a huge base for NATO. All this puts our people in enormous danger. We will not accept it and that is why we demand that every participation of our country in the imperialist plans is stopped, that the bases be closed all over the country, that our soldiers return from NATO missions.

It is certainly not an easy fight, but it is a fair fight, imperative. Developments leave us no other choice.

From the city of Larissa, in the center of Greece, our Union Center, PAME, from the class unions of Greece we welcome this important initiative of WFTU






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