PAME Intervention ENG Congress of FNIC CGT, France, March 2022

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις


On behalf of the employees in the pharmaceutical sector in Greece, on behalf of our Federation and PAME, we salute your conference and wish you success in its processes.

We could say a lot about the Pharmaceutical sector, its workers and the developments in the industry, but the war broke out.

The formal start of the war is the Russian military imperialist intervention and invasion of Ukraine that we condemn. However, the reasons were gradually accumulated for years in the region of Eastern Europe and beyond, for the profits of the large monopoly groups and the fierce competition of US/NATO, EU with Russia. It is a fierce competition leading to another imperialist war in Europe, 23 years after the EU-US-NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.

But the war in Ukraine is not just about the Ukraine and Russian peoples. It concerns all the peoples and the working class of the entire world, as long as the causes of the bloodshed and murder of peoples all over the world still remain.

The answer in favor of the interests of the working class does not lie in supporting either imperialist pole. The dilemma is not about choosing sides between the US or Russia, NATO or Russia. The workers and people’s struggle must follow its own path away from all the bourgeois and imperialist plans.

We condemn the ETUC, which, while never talking about the crimes of NATO, Israel, US, today, supports the EU-NATO plans and within its forces has unions in Ukraine that circulate with Nazi symbols and are associated with the fascist Azov Battalions.

It is no coincidence that the arguments of the ETUC are the same as those of the multinationals pharmaceutical companies PFIZER and SANOFI which argue that there should be sanctions against the Russian people. The termination of their operations in Russia will lead to the dismissal of thousands of workers as well as the lack of access to medicines for patients in Russia.

We will not let the working class once again shed blood for the profits of the monopolies. Until now we lost our lives by industrial accidents, in the last two years we have been also the victims of the COVID-19 pandemic for the sake of their profits and now they are bloodying the peoples in order to continue to get rich by changing borders and making interventions, and in order to control raw materials, energy sources and their transport routes.

And all this while the peoples of Europe are being driven into energy poverty, and inflation is crushing our incomes and wages.

All the previous time, the class forces gave fights and we had victories like in COSCO and in e-Food. Now, in the face of these developments, the class unions of Greece and PAME are going on a new General Strike on April 6, demanding Increases in the salaries of the employees, Protective Measures against the price increases, but at the same time we say



The only hope against of the barbarism of the imperialists is the common, coordinated struggle of the workers of Europe and the world for the abolition of capitalist exploitation, for the peace and prosperity of the peoples.

No participation-no sacrifice for the wars of the imperialists

Long Live the Congress of FNIC

Long Live WFTU

Long Live the friendship of the workers



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