PAME Denounces the killing of a Metalworker in LARCO Factory explosion


PAME expresses its deepest sorrow and rage for the loss of another worker, father of 3 children, at the explosion that took place in the Metal Industry LARCO in the morning of Wednesday, November 6. We condemn the continuous crimes against workers by the employers and the Government.

Our colleague was a victim of a premeditated crime. A crime that has been systematically designed and implemented by all Governments in recent years. With a plan they continue to depreciate the LARCO Industry, with the aim of closing or privatizing it. They have turned LARCO, an industry of strategic importance into a death trap.

It is a provocation for the Government and Minister of Industry Hadjidakis, to talk about ‘seeking responsibility’ when just a few hours before the new employer´s crime, the Local Metal Union had warned about the problems, as also on Monday more victims were spared only by chance, in another “accident”. The memorandums, the ten-year crisis, the laws passed, the intensification have given freedom to the big capital. It doesn’t even count the lives of the workers themselves, the workplaces have become sweatshops.

2017 was a record year employers’ crimes, recording 7,357 work- accidents, the highest number since 2000. From 2012 to 2017, we have a steady increase. There has also been a steady increase in fatal accidents since 2014.

Workers at LARCO have repeatedly complained that LARCO’s Management, taking advantage of the crisis, endless anti-workers’ “development” measures and laws, has turned the factory into a sweatshop, a huge workers´mortuary. There are innumerable complaints about the intensification of work, over-exploitation, abuse of labor rights, combined with the lack of measures to protect the health, life and safety of workers in LARCO.

The workers, the trade unions must take matters into their own hands to protect the lives and the health of workers in all workplaces. Massively express solidarity with the struggle and mobilization of LARCO workers, who started a 3day strike for implementation of Health and Safety measures. PAME supports their strike action.

We extend our heartfelt condolences and support to the family and colleagues of our lost coworker.

Solidarity to LARCO Factory Workers’ Strike November 7-8-9


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