PAME delegation at the Congress of UD CGT Val de Marne, France

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

A delegation of PAME participated in the Congress of UD CGT Val de Marne, France, which took place on 28-30 May in Paris.

In the Congress, which was also attended by trade unions from Cuba, Palestine and Italy, PAME greeted and highlighted the fraternal ties between the workers of Greece and France, which were particularly strengthened during the period of the big strike mobilisations with solidarity missions of PAME in France, mobilisations in Greece and the big May Day rally in Athens with a delegation of French trade unionists.

PAME noted the importance of strengthening the class struggles in Greece and in Europe against the logics of class cooperation, as well as the undermining role of the ETUC, which in view of the European elections is conducting a campaign to “whitewash” the anti-worker EU.

In closing its address, PAME highlighted the important legacy of the strike struggles in France and internationally, but also the need today to strengthen the struggles in every country with mass, militant trade unions, against exploitation and imperialist wars, on the side of the people of Palestine.

The delegates warmly welcomed the intervention of PAME while the Congress closed with the International. The delegations also had the opportunity to visit the Commune Museum as well as the Tomb of the Communares.




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