PAME Calls for protest at the Ministry of Healthcare

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

Within just 24 hours we mourn 2 more persons who have lost their lives.

A 64-year-old woman in Kos Island who needed to be taken to hospital, died in a trolley because the only ambulance in one of our country’s tourist “paradises” was on another case. And a 19-year-old pregnant woman in Nea Makri, Attica, died helplessly because the ambulance did not arrive in time.

These are not random incidents. The criminal long-standing policy of all governments, which considers our health and life as a cost, is responsible for this situation.

Former Health Minister of Healthcare cynically confessed in a statement on the occasion of the 2 tragic incidents, that it is not in the interest of the state of the business groups and their governments to decisively strengthen the public health system, while once again looking for “weights and measures” to blame their policies.

It is typical that:

– at a time when, based on the population of Attica, the total number of ambulances required to cover it is at least 100 (emergency and mobile units), of these only 45 to 50 emergency ambulances and 6 to 8 mobile units are operating, of which only half have a doctor for the morning and afternoon shift respectively.

– Every day about thirty ambulances are immobilized due to breakdowns.

– while the staff of the ambulance service is barely enough to cover the manning needs of 50 to 55 ambulances, recruitments are not made, except for fixed term, contract workers, while a multiple number of rescuers are retiring.

Once again it is confirmed that the programs of the New Democracy, SYRIZA and PASOK do not include full staffing with permanent staff of the ambulance service, the development, renewal and full technical support of the fleet with the necessary number of modern ground – sea – air ambulances.

That’s it! The tears are dry! The anger is overflowing!

We are not waiting a moment. Every minute, every hour, every day of waiting is costing us.


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