PAME bids farewell to the historic leader of the Palestinian Trade Unions Haidar Ibrahim

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PAME expresses its deep sorrow for the loss of the historic leader of the General Union of Palestinian Workers and the struggle of the Palestinian people for an independent Palestinian state, comrade Haidar Ibrahim.

Haidar Ibrahim, a long-time comrade-in-arms of Yasser Arafat, was an important figure in the struggle of the Palestinian workers against Israeli barbarism and imperialism. Against imperialist barbarism, he developed significant internationalist activity and was a member of the Presidential Council of the WFTU. He visited Greece and participated in many activities of PAME and the class trade unions of Greece and at the same time, despite the difficulties and obstacles, he hosted delegations of the trade unions of Greece and PAME in Palestine on many occasions.

During one of his visits to Athens he had stated that “the Greek people and workers have constantly shown their solidarity with the Palestinian people in many forms and with PAME we have relations of love, solidarity and cooperation”.

PAME expresses its condolences to the family and relatives of Haidar Ibrahim, to the workers and the Unions of Palestine. We continue the struggle!

We stand with the Palestinian people, workers and trade unions of Palestine against the Israeli occupation for a Free and Independent Palestine!

Until Victory!


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