PAME Announced its Action Plan and 4th National Congress

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

The Executive Secretariat of PAME held a Press Conference on Thursday, September 8 to present its Action Plan and the Platform of the Class Trade Union Movement.

The Press Conference took place at Thesaloniki, during the events of HELEXPO 2016, with the participation of the Small Farmers Coalition, the Self-employed’s Association, Students Militant Front, Women’s Federation of Greece and trade union leaders.

PAME called the working class of Greece and its trade unions in continuous, unwavering struggle. To reject leaving with crumbs, so as to support the profits of the business groups and demand with militant spirit. To state “No Compromise” with bad paid jobs, part time, flexible working relations, unemployment. To face with better organization and from better positions the new wave of anti-workers’ attack.

PAME, with hundreds of Unions, Federations and Labour Centers will submit a bill to the parliament, to all political parties-except the fascist Golden Dawn- for the reinstatement of Collective Contracts, demanding:

  • The abolition of all the antiworkers legislation, laws and regulations since 2010

  • Recovering of all workers’ losses in wages, pensions and benefits

  • Down with the taxes to the people. Put taxes to the big capital

  • We demand our rights based on our contemporary needs

PAME highlighted the basic fronts of Struggle-unemployment, healthcare, collective contracts, education etc- , while it noted the dangers and the consequences from the imperialist contradictions in the area.

PAME also announced the date of its 4th National Congress, which will take place in November 19-20, 2016, in Athens under the Slogan: Organization-Struggle: We or the Monopolies.

Also, protesting against the declarations of the Government, the new wave of anti-workers’ attack, PAME has called for Demonstration on Friday, September 9 in Athens and on Saturday, September 10, in Thesaloniki.


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